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Vibrational Energy Practitioner

Dee McCall

My first experience of a Life Alignment session was with its founder,

Jeff Levin. I was so impressed by the wonderful effect it had that I couldn’t wait to start the training. Since becoming a practitioner, I have seen the powerful, positive outcomes it has brought to my clients.

The Balance

In helping with the difficulty you’re bringing to a session, Life Alignment works with the innate intelligence of your own body/mind in finding and releasing any disharmony so that you can once again experience your authentic self.

On the basis that everything that has happened and affected you - both good and not so good - is held within you at a cellular level, Life Alignment helps take you on a fascinating journey which assists the body in identifying where the priority point is to open the door, followed by key words which help unravel the story or trauma to be healed.

As a practitioner, I use a combination of kineseology and dowsing to help support you through this journey and I hold a comforting space for whatever issue arises.  Because your body has learned to live with the imbalance, your body equally knows where to look for liberating answers if guided in the right direction.

Throughout your balance, Life Alignment helps to integrate any emotional issues which arise by using some re-patterning techniques.  Release and transformation of any mind/body memories can then take place through the use of healing channeled through my hands and with the use of powerful Vortex Cards which connect and heal directly through the energy pathways which connect to specific glands, systems, organs and chakras in your body.

I feel the Life Alignment healing technique may help raise your body to a higher frequency so that it can begin to heal itself.

Life Alignment is known to:

 Increase your physical, emotional and mental health and well-being

 Align your structure/bones, joints and muscles 

 Balance energy fields of your organs, glands and body systems 

 Identify the root cause of your issues and help relieve a variety of symptoms such as learning difficulties, allergies, sleep disturbances and hormonal imbalances

 Strengthen your immune system and detoxify the body

 Relieve pain rapidly by healing the related issue

 Improve your family relationships

 Harmonize your home, career and workplace

 Discover your creativity and life purpose

 Protect you from harmful energies like electromagnetic radiation, mobile phones, geopathic stress and pollution

 Energize your food and water

More information, including further videos and discussion are available on the Life Alignment website:

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