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Vibrational Energy Practitioner

Dee McCall

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a revolutionary non-invasive, painless therapy which works effectively on stress, weight loss, fears, phobias, allergies,headaches, insomnia, cravings, pain management, depression, sadness, post traumatic stress disorder etc.


Background and effectiveness

EFT has its roots in the merging of acupuncture,kinesiology and psychology. It is known to have a high success rate and is one of the most gentle and effective approaches for providing relief for psychological, physical and emotional upsets which clients can be taught to use on themselves.

How the technique works

EFT is based on the notion that negative thoughts and emotions cause a disruption in the subtle energy body (ie: the meridian system) and that, by ‘tapping’ the meridian points, these memories and emotions can be released, bringing the person back to a peaceful state.

Subtle energies flow continuously throughout our body which is important for good health, so it makes sense to work on restoring balance and harmony by correcting any disruption to this flow.

What happens during a session?

You are asked to tune your mind into the issue you’ve come in with while gently ‘tapping’ on certain acupressure points (found on the top part of the body and the hand). As certain memories come to the surface, the disruption ceases or other memories come to the surface to be worked on.

The EFT technique is taught during the session which can then be practised at home.

Link to video

Further information at the Association for Meridian and Energy Therapies (AMT)