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Vibrational Energy Practitioner

Dee McCall

Crystal healing therapy is a very relaxing and uplifting experience which ultimately aims to bring balance back to the body.  Crystals, some of which are millions of years old, are not only beautiful but hold high-vibrational energy.  During a session, individual crystals are chosen for their unique healing ability and are placed on the central energy centres (chakras) to clear and release imbalances.  This lifts the low vibration and allows light to come in, helping well-being.

Often, this fast-changing world leaves us feeling tired or stressed, often challenging our energy levels.

As the chakras relate to organs, glands and aspects of our psychological and emotional make-up, it is important to keep these centres in balance in order to maintain health and happiness.  Crystals can assist us to cope more easily because they transmit high vibrations into a tired system.  They not only clear blocked energy, but bring a wonderful sense of relaxation and peace.


When our energy (chakra) system is stabilised and enhanced through the power of crystals and gemstones we are able to feel more calm, clear and grounded.  

During a session, loving and confidential support is given towards the understanding of any issue.

Crystal Healing


Link to  video (Crystal Age TV)